• Private Baking Party - Cupcake Wars (KCK style!) Ages 10+
  • Private Baking Party - Cupcake Wars (KCK style!) Ages 10+

Private Baking Party - Cupcake Wars (KCK style!) Ages 10+

It's a delicious battle to make the best cupcakes! The birthday child will choose from one of our many fun cupcake themes while the party host parents/guardians will participate on our taste panel. We will have several fun categories (like most creative cupcake, best tasting, best decorated, etc.) so everyone has a chance to win an award of some type.

Here's how it works:

We will divide the group up into teams of 2. Each team will make 6 cupcakes. We will have Bliss cake batter made up ahead of time and embellishments available for any team wishing to enhance their cupcakes. Each team will have pre-made buttercream frosting available that they may add additional ingredients to (including food coloring).

While the cupcakes are in the oven, we'll break out the fondant to make decorations according to the chosen theme. We will also have theme related cupcake toppers available for decorating.

Good to know: This party also includes a visit to the Bliss Bake Shop counter where each participant may choose a cupcake, brownie, cake pop, or cookie to enjoy during the party, plus a bottled water.

Good to know: At the party conclusion, we will provide each child with a KCK award, pastry box for their award winning cupcakes and a small gift.

Maximum party size is limited to 10 children (ages 10+)

Each participating child must have a completed waiver: Download KCK Class Waiver Here. We recommend including the waiver in your child's party invitation if possible.